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Identity Management: How to Pick the Right Solution

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Picking an identity management solution can have a huge impact on your IT environment and ultimately, on your business as a whole. If you end up with the wrong one, it can be very hard and expensive to fix.

First things first, you need to know your needs. Do you want to make sure that people entering your system are who they say they are? If so, a more vanilla solution will be just perfect.

Are you thinking of your super-users and the way they use their credentials? If you’re more inclined to track how powerful their credentials are, you should get privileged access management.

Stressing about entitlement creep? Distribution and maintenance of digital roles? When you know what you need, you know what to get.

After pinpointing your needs, your next step is to decide how much security you want versus how smooth user experience should be. It is indeed crucial to make your system as frictionless as you can. Various studies have proven how too much friction can lead to lost customers and even workers figuring out shortcuts that pose significant risks to the entire network. Furthermore, too much friction can mean that you don’t know what’s really important in your IT environment, and this can make you more vulnerable to attacks. On the other hand, with an identity solution at the front door, hackers can be deterred. Hackers don’t usually waste time tearing down defenses and are more likely to scan for easier targets instead. Know about identity management program here!

To actually find that balance between security and user experience, take time to ask yourself the following questions:

What is the best way to deploy the identity solution on my business? Do I want tough security all throughout the network? Will a tiered or layered method work, where the most critical databases are much harder to get into using multilevel authentication than the main network?

How much friction is tolerable enough for my staff or customers tolerate before they begin subverting my identity solution or take their business elsewhere? Do I have to start a cultural change in my business to increase their tolerance levels of both? Of the several authentication protocols, which ones should be mandatory? Will my workers and/or customers find my authentication process reasonable? Know more here.

By knowing your needs and reconciling your security requirements with your need for good user experience, you can have an identity management solution that works as a tool for attaining your business goals. There are lots of options these days, so you will have plenty of room to make comparisons. Keep in mind that this is the only accurate way to find the true right solution for you. Find interesting facts about management, go to